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 We use CNC machining equipments to produce many kinds of tube plates, mainly focused on Alloy steel,carbon steel,Nickel alloy, Monel, Hastelloy, Titanium, Aluminum, Stainless steel and copper alloy tube plates, the tube shapes include round, oval, square, inclined and special ones,with the hole dimension accuracy to 0.01MM, hole wall roughness Ra 0.6,and the tube plates sealing side roughness Ra0.4
The accuracy of positioning of the holes can reach 0.002mm, and the hole dimension can be any of that above 1mm.     Size:   Customized (6,000 x20,000mm, thickness 800mm)
Type of materials Technical requirements 
 * according to
Duplex Stainless SteelASTM/ASME SA182 F44, F45, F51, F53, F55, F60, F61
S32101(1.4162),1.4410,254SMO/S31254/1.4547 etc.  
Stainless SteelASTM/ASME SA182 F304,304L,F316,316L, F310, F317L, F321, F347 
316Ti(1.4571);321(1.4541);309S (1.4833);310S(1.4845);317L(1.4438).
321H(1.4878);347H(1.4550); 904L,S30432,S31042,S31254, N08367,253MA/S30815/1.4385,TP904L/N08904/1.4539,
Carbon SteelASTM/ASME A105, A350 LF1, LF2, SA266 Grade 2,Sa266 Grade 4, ASTM A694 F50 F60 F70, A765 Gr.2,SA516 Grade 50,Grade 60,Grade 70,Grade 55
Alloy SteelASTM/ASME SA182 F1, F5, F9, F11, F12, F22, F51, SA350-LF3
Non Ferrous 
Titanium ASTM/ASME SB381, Gr.1, Gr.2, Gr.5, Gr.7, Gr.12, Gr.16 
Copper NickelASTM/ASME SB151, UNS 70600(Cu-Ni 90/10), 71500(Cu-Ni 70/30) UNS C36500,UNS C44300,UNS C44400,UNS C46400,UNS C46500,UNS C61300,UNS C61400,UNS C63000,UNS C70600,UNS C71500 in ASME SB171
Brass, Al-brassASTM/ASME SB152 UNS C10100, C10200,C10300,C10800,C12200
Nickel AlloysASTM/ASME SB169,SB171, SB564, UNS N02200, UNS N04400, UNS N08825,UNS N08810,UNS N08800,UNS N08811,monel 400,UNS N04400,Incoloy 926,
UNS No6600, UNS N06601, UNS N06625,Inconel 600,inconel 601,inconel 625,monel 400,nickel 200,nickel 201,incoloy 800,800H,800Ht,incoloy 825
Super stainless steelASTM/ASME SB472  UNS N08020,UNS N08028,AL6XN
HastelloyASTM/ASME SB564, UNS N10276 ( hastelloy C-276 ),Hastelloy C22 Hastelloy B2

Claded materialsASTM/ASME SB898, SB263, SB264 or closer
explosion cladding, making materials of 2 in 1 or 3 in 1.
Titanium- Steel, Nickel-Steel,Titanium- Copper, 
Stainless Steel- Carbon Steel, Alloys- Steel etc.

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